Biblical Scholarship Thank You to Moorings Presbyterian

To Nan and the Moorings Adult Christian Education Committee,

Last  Sunday, April third, was the final Biblical Scholarship session for the current semester.

More than two dozen people attended the class this season, with an average attendance of about 12; half being regular Moorings attendees, and half visitors or those coming from outside our congregation.

In October we began with Genesis, and ended at Exodus 25, with a quick review of Joshua, in order to fulfill our promise to the class of getting them back into the Promised Land by spring! Our scholarship curriculum consisted of The Interpreter’s Bible, augmented with maps, charts, and a plethora of research documents from a number of reliable seminary and academic sources.

We were thrilled to observe the excitement and enthusiasm the participants exhibited! We often emailed the handouts for the coming week to the students in advance, so they would have the opportunity to review the materials and be prepared to ask relevant questions. All kept their handouts in folders (one couple even using a three-hole punch and page dividers in their binder) and most came prepared with their own research and queries. Several asked substantive questions, eager to explore more deeply.

The students remained engaged and involved, expressing appreciation for the information they gleaned about the various topics covered from these early, and often ‘difficult-to-comprehend’ portions of scripture, and for the way in which this background is helping them to understand more of what they are reading in later passages. We frequently asked them to consider how the things they are learning are making a difference in their personal lives. It is a joy to watch sincere students catch on, and delve eagerly into their own spiritual growth!

We are considering the examination of Biblical Literature (Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon; although we are drawn perhaps toward also including Ruth and Esther…) beginning in October. We will of course get back to you later on in the summer to let you know what we would like to present in the fall.

Again, Sam and I want to thank you and all responsible for making possible the opportunity for us to participate in teaching Biblical Scholarship at Moorings! We are grateful for your encouragement and support as we share our excitement for the Bible with our church and our community.

In His Service

Bunny<>Sam Sewell


PS We have Blind Copied this letter to our students, in order to give them the opportunity to get back to you and/or us with any comments or suggestions they may wish to share.

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